where it started

Co-founded in 2010 in Edmonton, Canada by Lisa Baroldi, Shafraaz Kaba, and Christine Causing, and fuelled by dedicated volunteers at Progress Unlimited, MADE, and Edmonton’s NextGen, Designing Downtown was a reaction to top-down approaches to downtown and the need to gather and engage urbanists differently, tapping into Edmonton’s creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and global networks. 

our mission

Downtowns are hubs of diverse cultural and artistic expressions, business transactions, activist voices, tourist experiences, public spaces, and government action. Unique interactions and projects take place in the hearts of cities. Designing Downtown showcases these, and facilitates collaborations among the broad spectrum of people who are creatively designing downtowns. 

what we're doing

Through carefully curated events that break the mold, Designing Downtown has created opportunities for entrepreneurs to explore ideas for city changing initiatives: unconventional city branding exercises, new investments and developments, urban interventions, city flag redesigns, and all kinds of relationships that are transforming downtowns across the country.