The Designing Downtown Dinner Series in 2015-2016 will bring together passionate downtowners from around the world for idea-generating and solutions-based dinner parties on topics such as new wave high-tech retail spaces, urban design for safety, art and architecture as economic development, collaborative marketing for downtown developers, and marrying small and big downtown projects. 


Help set the table for Designing Downtown Dinners. 

Venues can be anywhere – in restaurants, in unique or underutilized spaces, indoors or outdoors. Chefs, restaurants, event organizers, and amateurs or students with chops in these areas are welcome to lend their skills to the dinning experience.



Dinner in Dubai

We’re also excited be planning special dinners in Dubai in September 2015 as part of Enterprise Edmonton’s Diversification Trade Mission to the CityScape Global, one of the world’s largest real estate conferences, to match like-minded people in the Middle East with Edmonton companies and entrepreneurs in the real estate, creative, and hospitality sectors. Get in touch for more information on the dinner or the mission.